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Strong Connection between Violence and Mental Illness in Guatemala During Civil War Lessens in Postwar Period, Penn Study Finds

26 Feb 2015 – Violence during the civil war in Guatemala from 1960 to 1996 resulted in the development of significant mental health problems and conditions for the county’s people, according to a new multi-institution study from researchers under the Guatemala-Penn Partnership. Read more

Penn Medicine Physician Finds No Preventive Benefits for Widely Used Kidney Cancer Drugs

23 Feb 2015 – Two widely used targeted therapy drugs— approved by the FDA for use in metastatic kidney cancer —are no more effective than a placebo in preventing return of the disease to increase life spans of patients suffering from advanced kidney cancer after surgery, according to new results to be presente... Read more

Palbociclib Shows Promise in Patients with Hormone-Resistant Breast Cancer, Penn Study Finds

20 Feb 2015 – Palbociclib, an investigational oral medication that works by blocking molecules responsible for cancer cell growth, is well tolerated and extends progression-free survival (PFS) in newly diagnosed, advanced breast cancer patients, including those whose disease has stopped responding to traditional... Read more

Eczema Medication Unlikely to Increase Risk of Cancer in Children, Penn Team Finds

19 Feb 2015 – The topical eczema medicine pimecrolimus appears unlikely to be associated with an increased risk of cancer in children, based on a group of children who were followed for 10 years, according to study published online this week in JAMA Dermatology. Read more

Penn Medicine Study Describes Development of Personalized Cellular Therapy for Brain Cancer

18 Feb 2015 – Immune cells engineered to seek out and attack a type of deadly brain cancer were found to be both safe and effective at controlling tumor growth in mice that were treated with these modified cells, according to a study published in Science Translational Medicine by a team from the Perelman School... Read more

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