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“Any Enrollment, Any Time”: Launch of Penn Acute Research Collaboration Supports Lifesaving Research

20 Oct 2016 – To address gaps in research, on Thursday, Penn Medicine formally launched the Penn Acute Research Collaboration (PARC), a first-of-its-kind initiative to give a much needed shot of support to research projects in emergency departments, trauma bays, operating rooms, and intensive care units. Read more

First Glimpse of End-of Chromosome Repair in Real Time

19 Oct 2016 – In a new study published this week in Nature, senior author Greenberg and colleagues have developed a first-of-its- kind system to observe repair to broken DNA in newly synthesized telomeres, an effort that has implications for designing new cancer drugs. Read more

Penn Physician Argues for “Meaningful” Update to National Alzheimer’s Act

19 Oct 2016 – A key strategy missing from the ambitious Alzheimer’s disease plan signed into law by President Obama six years ago could send investigational drugs down a precarious pipeline, argue two physicians from the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Michigan... Read more

Adding Windows to Vacant Houses and Clearing Vacant Lots Reduces Gun Violence, Saves Money

13 Oct 2016 – Each dollar spent repairing abandoned buildings and vacant lots reduces neighborhood gun violence by as much as 39 percent and yields a return on investment to taxpayers and society at large through steps like installing working windows and doors in abandoned buildings, as well as removing trash and... Read more

Common Prostate Cancer Treatment Tied to Dementia

13 Oct 2016 – A common hormone therapy to treat prostate cancer may double a man’s risk of dementia, regardless of his age, Penn Medicine researchers reported in a study published online today in JAMA Oncology. Read more

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