In June 2011, the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine was renamed as the Raymond and Ruth Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. This name does not replace Penn Medicine, which remains the overarching brand representing the tri-fold missions of education, research, and clinical care.


Web site administrators will need to ensure that both the new logo for the Perelman School of Medicine and any text within their pages have been updated. Here's what PMACS is doing:

  • We have updated the logo on all of the "central" school pages as well as all of the sites maintained via Adobe Contribute.
  • We have modified the link verification report, sent monthly to each of the webmasters on, to include a new section that notes all places where "School of Medicine" is not preceeded by "Perelman" in order to help web site administrators to find places to be changed.


PMACS has made the official web version of the logo available at a central public location. We strongly encourage you to point to it in this location rather than copying it to a separate location. Correct usage of the School's web logos are outlined on the Web Design Standards: Logos page. If you have a unique need for a logo for web use, please contact PMACS.

Contribute-enabled Sites

PMACS will work with Contribute-enabled sites to change logos and any other site imagery that may have the name of the School embedded.

Other Sites

Site administrators are responsible for making changes to text and graphics as appropriate. Please contact PMACS if you have questions or need assistance.

Web Applications

For PMACS-developed web applications, PMACS development staff are working to replace both logos and "School of Medicine" text in our large inventory of applications, establishing priority based on public visibility. If you have questions about these changes for a particular applications, please contact the product owner/project manager for that application or the web team.

For applications developed by departmental staff, please contact the web team for advice on the most appropriate usage. In most cases, the standard web-use logo will be most appropriate.